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WP6 - Characterisation of a multi-compartment storage complex, Mid Norway

The Halten Terrace area is situated offshore Mid-Norway, and the basin covers an area of 150x50 km. The area contains gas with natural high CO2 content that can be extracted and stored. Both saline formation and dry structures may be possible storage sites, where both the potential reservoir and seals are of Mesozoic age. The Halten Terrace area has possible offshore sites, with reservoir boundaries defined by fault compartments. These will influence possible migration of the planned stored CO2 and possible fluid flow.

The main aim in this subtask is to use several simulation tools and software to evaluate where it would be safe to store CO2 in the underground and avoid leakage to the surface. This will be carried out on basin scale and on reservoir scale. One will implement and compare different approaches to assess the impact of stress and pressure changes on CO2 storage performance and related risk at basin and storage compartment scale.

Considering data (formation properties and faults), model and scenario uncertainties, determine effective injection, monitoring and remediation strategies with emphasis on storage capacity optimisation.
The Halten Terrace area, Mid Norway.
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

Site characterisation workflow for the geological storage of CO 2 ...