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Work Packages

WP1 - Development of a generic characterisation workflow

Work package 1 will develop a workflow for a site characterisation study . Such a study tests whether it is safe to store CO2 in a specific location, in a deep geological formation . Typi ... {read more}

WP2 - Technical coordination, best practice for site characterisation and EC recommendations

WP2 is dedicated to the global technical coordination of the project and act as the independent regulator for licence applications and economic assessments. WP2 will also draw out generic lea ... {read more}

WP3 - Licence application for a multistore site, northern UK North Sea

The UK site in the northern North Sea has been chosen to provide an example of the characterisation of large-scale offshore geological storage in salt-water sandstones in an area of active oil an ... {read more}

WP4 - Licence application for an onshore aquifer, Denmark

The workpackage objective is to perform a full-chain characterisation of an onshore aquifer in Denmark so as to reach readiness for storage license application. The DK onshore site has been c ... {read more}

WP5 - Characterisation of an onshore gas reservoir, Poland

The main aim of WP 5 is characterization of the onshore polish gas reservoir Zalecze&Zuchlow for possible suitability for carbon dioxide storage. This gas reservoir is a natural, geol ... {read more}

WP6 - Characterisation of a multi-compartment storage complex, Mid Norway

The Halten Terrace area is situated offshore Mid-Norway , and the basin covers an area of 150x50 km. The area contains gas with natural high CO2 content that can be extracted and stored. Both ... {read more}

WP7 - Characterisation of a carbonate aquifer, South Adriatic (Italy)

The Italian site is located in the South Adriatic Sea , offshore the Puglia region, close to the main Italian CO2 emission power plant (Federico II) in Brindisi, where the energy company ENEL ... {read more}

WP8 - Advancing public awareness

Central to Work Package 8 of the Sitechar project is to advance public awareness of ongoing CCS site characterization activities by various public engagement activities. To this end, the core activi ... {read more}
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

Site characterisation workflow for the geological storage of CO 2 ...