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WP5 - Characterisation of an onshore gas reservoir, Poland

The main aim of WP 5 is  characterization of the onshore polish gas reservoir Zalecze&Zuchlow for possible suitability for carbon dioxide storage.

This gas reservoir is a natural, geological tight trap, in which gas was accumulated many millions of years ago. To confirm the idea that injection of CO2 to the gas field will have no negative impact on the formation and its circumference, a wide range of laboratory and field experiments is needed.

The gas reservoir Zalecze&Zuchlow has been explored for about 30 years. Therefore, we have extensive knowledge of the geological structure and behavior of reservoir  during the exploration of natural gas. Some studies needed to assess the feasibility of injecting CO2 into the reservoir has already been done. As research technologies change over time, and now are more precise, reinterpretation of earlier results and supplement them with newer ones are needed .

Very important are the results of laboratory tests, which are assumed to model conditions similar to those present in the natural gas reservoir during  injection of carbon dioxide. We expect to trace any additional physical and geochemical effects that may occur within the reservoir. Time changes of whose processes are expected to be found also.

Additionally efforts will be put to model the scale and speed of the CO2 injection and performance of reservoir by using the most modern computer simulation software. The work will be done both for the Zalecze &Zuchlów site up to its natural boundaries as well as site neighbourhood.

The whole operation is planned to make best review of the effectiveness and safety of carbon dioxide injection process to the selected natural gas reservoir. Implementation of such detailed analysis in the laboratory will allow to estimate proper scale of the possible use of this technology in the industrial practise.
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

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