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WP1 - Development of a generic characterisation workflow

Work package 1 will develop a workflow for a site characterisation study. Such a study tests whether it is safe to store CO2 in a specific location, in a deep geological formation. Typically, in a site characterisation study, all aspects of safe and secure storage that are mentioned in the Storage Directive of the European Union. These include (the list is not exhaustive) an analysis of the cap rock, the interaction between the CO2 and the rock and the safety of any existing wells. It is essential that a complete study is carried out, that all aspects of the storage site are examined.

The purpose of the workflow developed in this work pacakge is to give a clear description of the work to be done to answer all aspects of the Storage Directive. The workflow should inform emitters (producers of captured CO2), future site operators and regulating authorities of the efforts involved in the site study.

At the start of the project, a first version of the workflow will be defined, which will be used in the project in the site characterisation studies in WP3 through WP7. These work packages will produce the feedback that will be used to extend and update the workflow, resulting in a final version that will appear towards the end of the project.

The final version of the workflow will help define the work to be done to address the Storage Directive for specific sites and, with clearly described links between elements of the workflow that are essential in producing a complete site characterisation. It will standardise site characterisation studies and increase the speed at which the feasibility, safety and security of CO2 storage in deep geological formations is assessed.
Workflow for a site characterisation study.
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

Site characterisation workflow for the geological storage of CO 2 ...