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The Vedsted site, Denmark

Vested, Denmark
The Vested site, an onshore aquifer in Denmark
Map of location for the Vedsted site
Objective of the study is to perform a full-chain characterisation of an onshore aquifer, Vedsted, in Denmark so as to reach readiness for storage licence application.
The Vedsted site is an onshore Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic aquifer at 1800-1900 m depth, situated in the northern part of Denmark close to the power plant North Jutland Powerstation. The structure is situated in a small graben bounded by northwest-southeast trending faults and is part of a larger graben structure, the Triassic rift system forming the deep Fjerritslev Trough. The reservoir is a marine to fluviatile sandstones sealed by a thick package of marine claystones of the Jurassic Fjerritslev Formation.
Work progress: The work has started with building a reservoir model of the site, to be used for investigating the pressure propagation, the CO2 plume migration and the mechanical response in the reservoir.
The model will be used especially to study some of the worst-case scenarios for migration and pressure effects due to injection into the reservoir layer in the aquifer. 
Map of the site area showing the 2D seismic lines from the recent data collection campaign.
The trucks and equipment used for recording the 2D seismic data.
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

Site characterisation workflow for the geological storage of CO 2 ...