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Vattenfall - Vattenfall Research and Development AB

Vattenfall Research and Development AB (VRD) is a legal entity affiliated to the Vattenfall Group.

The Vattenfall Group generates and supplies power and energy solutions in Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, and Poland. The main products are electricity and heat where 159 TWh of electricity and 38 TWh of heat were sold in 2009. The Group CO2 emissions in 2008 were 82,5 million ton. Vattenfall’s goal is to reach 50% emission reduction in 2030 (baseline 1990), and the vision to be CO2-neutral in 2050. This shall be reached by investments in energy sources with lower CO2 emissions, increased efficiency in generation, distribution and use, and by CO2 capture and storage. One important step towards implementation is the Oxyfuel Pilot plant in Schwarze Pumpe in Germany that has been in operation since 2008.
Vattenfall is currently developing a CCS demonstration project in Germany, with both Oxyfuel and Post-combustion CO2 capture at the Jänschwalde power plant at the city of Cottbus. The CO2 will be transported in a pipeline to a nearby storage site.
Expertise and capacity

Vattenfall Research and Development AB (VRD) is a centre of competence for the R&D work performed by the Vattenfall Group. Vattenfall Research and Development conduct research and development for the continuous improvement of performance and environmental properties within generation and distribution of electricity and heat. The development activities of VRD also cover energy systems in general, which gives Vattenfall's customers and society reliable and effective solutions. VRD has a total of some 200 employees in Sweden (Älvkarleby and Stockholm), Germany (Berlin), Denmark (Copenhagen and Fredericia), and Poland (Warszawa).

A number of geo-scientists, all experienced with CO2 storage related R&D will be involved. They cover geology, geochemistry, geomechanics, geophysics and reservoir engineering, all employed at VRD