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GEUS - Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, GEUS, is a National research and advisory institute in the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy. The survey also operates in the private sector. GEUS' overall mission is to provide, to use, and to disseminate knowledge of geological materials, processes and relations that is important for the use and protection of geological resources in Denmark and Greenland. Part of this mission is to support administrative and legislative work in Danish Ministries and the Government of Greenland Authority, by providing state-of-the-art geoscientific knowledge of international standard. GEUS' main tasks are geological mapping, data collection and storage, to carry out research projects, to give advice, and to disseminate geoscientific knowledge. The activities are organised within five programme areas:

1. Data banks, information technology, and information to the general public
2. Water resources
3. Energy resources
4. Mineral resources and Greenland mapping.
5. Nature and environment.
Current staff is about 300, with some 200 holding academic degrees. Annual turnover is about 39 million Euro (
Expertise and capacity

GEUS has conducted research pertaining to geological sequestration of CO2 since 1993, being one of the European pioneers in this area. GEUS has led or contributed to a number of RTD projects, including; SACS Phases Zero, 1 and 2, GESTCO (project manager), CO2NET, Weyburn, CCP, ULCOS. GEUS is also a major partner in other more recent European projects: DYNAMIS, CO2SINK, CO2ReMoVe, CO2GeoNet, COACH, GeoCapacity, CO2CARE, international projects like BIGCCS, as well as industrial CCS projects with Vattenfall and DONG.
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
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