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SINTEF PR - SINTEF Petroleum Research AS

SINTEF Petroleum Research (SINTEF PR) is a research institute, fully owned by the SINTEF Foundation, the parent company of Scandinavia’s largest research organisation (2100 employers). The number of employees at SINTEF PR as of 4 January 2010 are 123, and our annual turnover is NOK 184 million (2009). Our aim is to improve the mapping and recovery of national and international oil and gas reserves in a profitable, environmentally friendly and safe manner. We currently have customers and partners from all over the world.
Expertise and capacity

A major option to reduce CO2 emissions is to store industrial CO2 in geological formations. SINTEF PR has an over 20 year record in development of technology for this concept e.g. conceptual and economical analysis, numerical simulation of CO2 disposal and underground transport of CO2 and core flooding and phase behaviour.

SINTEF PR contributes in several large EU projects on CO storage like e.g. ECCO, CASTOR, ULCOS, DYNAMIS, CO2GEONET and RISCS. Other big project mainly financed by the Norwegian Research Council and/or the industry is FME BIGCCS: International CCS Research Center, KMB BIGCO2 and CO2 Field Lab.
SINTEF Petroleum Research AS
S.P. Andersensvei 15B, 7465 Trondheim, Norway