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IFPEN - IFP Energies nouvelles

IFPEN is a world-class public-sector research and training center, aimed at developing the technologies and materials of the future in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. It provides public players and industry with innovative solutions for a smooth transition to the energies and materials of tomorrow – more efficient, more economical, cleaner and sustainable.
To fulfill its mission, IFPEN has 5 complementary strategic priorities: capturing and storing CO2 to combat the greenhouse effect - diversifying fuel sources - developing clean, fuel-efficient vehicles - converting as much raw material as possible into transport energy - pushing back the boundaries in oil and gas exploration and production.

An integral part of IFPEN, its graduate engineering school prepares future generations to take up these challenges.
Expertise and capacity

Researching new technologies and offering innovative solutions to industries in the field of CO2 capture, transport and storage is the first IFPEN's strategic priority. IFPEN is a leader in this field and participates in many national and European projects. IFPEN's Chairman and CEO, Olivier Appert, is the Vice-President of the European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ZEP) and IFP leads (or has led) several CCS projects: COCATE, CASTOR, INCA-CO2 and COACH. IFP is also a major partner in other European projects: CACHET, ENCAP, DYNAMIS, CAPRICE, CO2ReMoVe, CO2GeoNet, GeoCapacity, CESAR, DECARBit as well as industrial CCS demo projects with Petrobras and Total.

IFPEN is working on the whole CCS chain, developing innovative industrial processes for capturing CO2 and knowledge and tools for the management of CO2 geological storage.

IFP Energies nouvelles
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