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AGH - AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH-University of Science & Technology, established in 1919 (until 1949 known as the Academy of Mining), being a technical school, serves the science and industry through educating students, the development of academic staff, as well as research and development.  The University is one of largest in Poland, with a staff of about 3,900 (including nearly 500 independent researchers and scientists) and a total annual budget above 100 million Euros. The scientific activity of AGH-UST employees is reflected by the number of over 1600 yearly publications in Polish and international scientific magazines and about 2000 papers delivered at conferences, out of which about 600 are published in international magazines. AGH-UST is a leading Polish university in the field of modern technologies, also being of high position on the international scale. Long and rich tradition is also a factor determining the University's popularity - AGH-UST has existed for 90 years and during this time it has educated groups of the most required engineers in Poland. Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, was established in 1967.  The Faculty graduates hold key positions in industry, mainly in the oil and gas sector and prove to be high class specialists in this field in Poland and abroad.
Expertise and capacity

The Faculty collaborate with other research institutions in Poland and abroad taking part in projects focused on modern methods (is the leading research in Poland) applied in petroleum engineering, geo-engineering, gas engineering, surface gas supply systems, underground storage of gas, environmental protection,  subsurface CO2-storage in gas, oil, aquifers, and coal-bed reservoirs. The AGH UST is a member of various national and international research consortia in CO2 sequestration research.