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A full issue of OGST - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles dedicated to SiteChar

Vol. 70, No.4 of OGST - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles is entirely dedicated to SiteChar and Characterization of European CO2 Storage. 
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Summary : 

·         Characterization of European CO2 Storage – European Project SiteChar

François Kalaydjian

·         SiteChar – Methodology for a Fit-for-Purpose Assessment of CO2 Storage Sites in Europe

F. Delprat-Jannaud, J. Pearce, M. Akhurst, C.M. Nielsen, F. Neele, A. Lothe, V. Volpi, S. Brunsting and O. Vincké

·         CO2 Storage Feasibility: A Workflow for Site Characterisation

Manuel Nepveu, Filip Neele, Florence Delprat-Jannaud, Maxine Akhurst, Olivier Vincké, Valentina Volpi, Ane Lothe, Suzanne Brunsting, Jonathan Pearce, Anne Battani et al. (4 more)

·         Risk Assessment-Led Characterisation of the SiteChar UK North Sea Site for the Geological Storage of CO2

Maxine Akhurst, Sarah D. Hannis, Martyn F. Quinn, Ji-Quan Shi, Marielle Koenen, Florence Delprat-Jannaud, Jean-Claude Lecomte, Daniel Bossie-Codreanu, Stanislaw Nagy, Łukas Klimkowski et al. (3 more)

·         How to Characterize a Potential Site for CO2 Storage with Sparse Data Coverage – a Danish Onshore Site Case

Carsten Møller Nielsen, Peter Frykman and Finn Dalhoff

·         Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Simulations of CO2 Storage Supported by Pressure Management Demonstrate Synergy Benefits from Simultaneous Formation Fluid Extraction

Thomas Kempka, Carsten Møller Nielsen, Peter Frykman, Ji-Quan Shi, Giacoma Bacci and Finn Dalhoff

·         The Importance of Baseline Surveys of Near-Surface Gas Geochemistry for CCS Monitoring, as Shown from Onshore Case Studies in Northern and Southern Europe

Stan E. Beaubien, Livio Ruggiero, Aldo Annunziatellis, Sabina Bigi, Giancarlo Ciotoli, Paolo Deiana, Stefano Graziani, Salvatore Lombardi and Maria Chiara Tartarello

·         Structural and Parametric Models of the Załęcze and Żuchlów Gas Field Region, Fore-Sudetic Monocline, Poland – An Example of a General Static Modeling Workflow in Mature Petroleum Areas for CCS, EGR or EOR Purposes

Bartosz Papiernik, Brigitte Doligez and Łukasz Klimkowski

·         Numerical Simulations of Enhanced Gas Recovery at the Załęcze Gas Field in Poland Confirm High CO2 Storage Capacity and Mechanical Integrity

Łukasz Klimkowski, Stanisław Nagy, Bartosz Papiernik, Bogdan Orlic and Thomas Kempka

·         Pore to Core Scale Simulation of the Mass Transfer with Mineral Reaction in Porous Media

S. Bekri, S. Renard and F. Delprat-Jannaud

·         Evaluation and Characterization of a Potential CO2 Storage Site in the South Adriatic Offshore

V. Volpi, E. Forlin, A. Baroni, A. Estublier, F. Donda, D. Civile, M. Caffau, S. Kuczynsky, O. Vincké and F. Delprat-Jannaud

·         Southern Adriatic Sea as a Potential Area for CO2 Geological Storage

V. Volpi, F. Forlin, F. Donda, D. Civile, L. Facchin, S. Sauli, B. Merson, K. Sinza-Mendieta and A. Shams

·         Dynamic Fluid Flow and Geomechanical Coupling to Assess the CO2 Storage Integrity in Faulted Structures

Baroni, A. Estublier, O. Vincké, F. Delprat-Jannaud and J.F. Nauroy

·         Techno-Economic Assessment of Four CO2 Storage Sites

J.-F. Gruson, S. Serbutoviez, F. Delprat-Jannaud, M. Akhurst, C. Nielsen, F. Dalhoff, P. Bergmo, C. Bos, V. Volpi and S. Iacobellis

·         CCS Acceptability: Social Site Characterization and Advancing Awareness at Prospective Storage Sites in Poland and Scotland

Suzanne Brunsting, Jessanne Mastop, Marta Kaiser, René Zimmer, Simon Shackley, Leslie Mabon and Rhys Howell


OGST - Revue d'IFP Energies nouvelles is a bi-monthly journal concerning all disciplines and fields relevant to exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals, and the use and economics of petroleum, natural gas, and other sources of energy, in particular alternative energies with a view to sustainable development.
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

Site characterisation workflow for the geological storage of CO 2 ...