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SiteChar Closing Conference

28 November 2013 - IFPEN - France
The SiteChar closing conference will be held November 28 at IFPEN, France. Register now !

To register to the SiteChar closing conference, please fill the registration form. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail.

Thank you to consult the Provisional Agenda

Please note that this event will be followed on 29 November by the RISCS final conference at the same place (IFP Energies nouvelles). For more information and registration, please visit RISCS website.

The European SiteChar project has developed and tested a methodology for the assessment of potential storage sites and the preparation of storage licence applications, incorporating all technical and economic data, as well as social aspects, on the basis of criteria defined by the relevant European legislation.

The final SiteChar Conference will provide an opportunity to discuss necessary activities to meet storage permit requirements with a morning session dedicated to site characterisation for storage permitting and an afternoon session dedicated to the proposed SiteChar Workflow for integrated and accountable site characterisation.

Outcomes and guidelines will be illustrated by the five potential European storage sites studied in SiteChar. Among others, discussions will address.

  • How to prioritise risk reduction and balance characterisation with costs?
  • What evidence is required to gain a storage permit?
  • What issues regarding storage permits still require clarity from the regulatory perspective?
  • What specific barriers to the site characterization methodology remain?
  • What should be the roles of operators and state authorities in supporting site characterisation?
Results of the third SiteChar Stakeholders Workshop

Site characterisation workflow for the geological storage of CO 2 ...